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Food and Drink Tour

Eat and drink your way through the culinary capital, Fez!


Food and Drink Tour

We will walk through the magical labyrinth of streets in Fez. Feel the history and culture as we walk through the streets and alleyways, while enjoying the culinary tastes of Fez.


You will get the opportunity to see how these dishes are made. We chose the area, we visit very carefully because your safety is our number one priority. There will be a big variety of food and drink including those who are maybe vegan or vegetarian.

Those who may have  a specific dietary need just contact us for more information.


Your tour will be with a licensed zealous tour guide. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions.

What is included?

  • Licensed tour guide explanation about history, culture and food. There will be at least 9 food stops where we will taste traditional Moroccan foods and drinks also included fruits of the season.

  • This tour will last better 3 and 4 hours

  • Starting at 4pm

  • Price per person €40

  • ( min 2 people, max 12 people)

  • Contact us for larger groups

  • Children under 6 YO free

How to book

Send me a message or email me!

WhatsApp: +21 266 258 2607

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