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Female Life Tour

On this tour you will see how a Moroccan woman lives, See there old traditions, culture, religion and modern life. you will get the chance to visit different Moroccan families in their traditional Houses ‘’dar ‘’ and ‘’Riad’’ your tour will be with a female tour guide who will show you the medina  and she will explain the lives of how women lived in the past and the present.

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Female Life Tour

Firstly, we will visit a local family, they will help you make "Sfanj," "Malawi" and "Harcha." We will have a Moroccan menthe tea.


In the second family we will see how women dress in their own homes.


You will be shown how to wear a scarf hijab, you will have a beautiful hand tattoo done in Hannah, we will show you a traditional Moroccan women dance, the music is played on a famous Moroccan instrument called Taarija.


At the third home we will have a traditional lunch.


After lunch we will visit a business owned by a woman. Then we will see the kind of work that is done in the old town.

Because Morocco is a liberal country ,time changes, mentality as well. We will visit a traditional cooperative where women work the traditional carpet looms,This being hard and interesting work.This work characterises the patience of the women. When we say women, we say patience. Moroccan carpets are famous all over the world for their quality.

What's included

  • Transport 

  • water

  • visit houses

  • Lunch 

  • Henna Tattoo 

  • Tea and traditional pancakes

How to book

Send me a message or email me!

WhatsApp: +21 266 258 2607

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