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Artisan Tour

Experience the life of a Moroccan (craftsman, craftswoman).


Artisan Tour

Learn how to make your own Ceramic bowl with handmade colors and painted designs, to tailor your own leather wallet because you will be in fez where you can find one from the oldest largest tanneries in Morocco ‘’Chaouara’’.


Further, you will learn how to make your first Fassi embroidery knot. The woman will give  you a demonstration about the Fassi embroidery and she will show you some pieces already done by her hands. of course without forgetting weaving which is one of the most interesting crafts in Fez. Also, you will have the opportunity to visit the oldest caravanserai in the oldest Medina! That's why you need to book this tour.

What's included

  • Transport 

  • coffee, juice, tea

  • Guide

  • Fez history 

  • Artisan history

  • Materials

  • Product that you will make (ceramic, wallet, embroidery)


  • 1000dh per person include transport and two artisans (the crafts are customer's choice)

  • More than two crafts (plus 300dh per each) 

  • Time will be1.5-2hrs each place

  • At least 2 persons to book this tour 

How to book

Send me a message or email me!

WhatsApp: +21 266 258 2607

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