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Virtual Cooking Classes

Learn Traditional Moroccan Dishes

Learn how to cook Moroccan food in your own home! During the Covid 19 pandemic we are spending more time in our own homes, so why not learn traditional Moroccan cooking in my virtual cooking class?


In this virtual class, I will guide you through all the traditional techniques of cooking popular Moroccan favorites from Tajin to Passtilla and Khobz in the comfort of your own home.


Find out how awesome it is to make authentic Moroccan recipes at home while I share our stories of our cultural heritage that will even Inspire you to plan your next trip to Morocco!

It's Easy!

  1. Book your private or public classes

  2. Once you confirm your booking, I will send you a list of ingredients and kitchen equipment to prepare, no worries if you don’t have the same kitchen equipment just show me what you have and I will find a way to work with what you have.

What's Included

  • Recipes of the Moroccan dishes you choose as a PDF on your email

  • You can ask any question you want to know about the recipes during the live podcast 

  • A full Explanation about the dish with some secrets of Moroccan recipes

  • Class duration 2-3 hours

Menu Details

  • Moroccan salads {more than 3  different kinds}

  • The main course

  • Moroccan desert including traditional drinks


  • Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or just starting out, I'm here to teach traditional Moroccan dishes to all levels!

  • My classes start from 1 to 8 participants

  • Prices depends on which dishes you choose

  • All your questions are welcoming before or after the live

Book now

Let me know how many people, when you'd like to book and your timezone, and I will reply with recipes and pricing!

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